A Direct Path To Your Future Graduates. Matching You With The Best.

We guide students through a personalised job search, to ensure the right ones end up applying to your roles.

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to students


more engaging than
traditional methods


more efficient than
job boards

Using experience and personality to bring you
Together with the right graduates.

At £300 per successful referral

Providing you with highly-qualified and pre-vetted candidates.

We work with you, to direct your job adverts to the perfect grads for the role, making your recruitment process more efficient.

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Make sure you're heard amongst the crowd.

Our personalised chatbot, is 15x more engaging than traditional methods. Ensuring the right candidates see your jobs adverts.

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Easily filter through candidates that apply to your roles using our systems, to find the best as quickly as possible.

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Ash KnightAshley James

Ash KnightAshley James

“GradFuel's personality tests, allowed us to reach out to the graduates that had the right aptitude for the job instantly, saving us hours in the recruitment process”
Rupert DeeringTimberseed

Rupert DeeringTimberseed

“Gradfuel helped us to quickly tap into an audience of Russell Group grads with language skills, which gave us a great pool of candidates to quickly work with”
Katie AlderSW6

Katie AlderSW6

“The applications we've received are highly qualified & already interested in the role, which made things so much easier for us“

A no-win, no-fee model.
We offer a risk free way to market your jobs.

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