5 things Millennials and Gen Z want from a workplace

Jul 02nd 2020

5 things Millennials and Gen Z want from a workplace

Offering the right package is key to finding the right future employee for your business. A salary and employee package must be competitive and is important to get right. The offering will limit the amount of applicants you have and the level of those who apply. Remember money is important but not the only thing grads are looking for, here are some other factors to consider:

1. Career progression

One of the most important factors for Millennials and Gen Z alike is the ability to learn and grow within a job. They are looking for opportunities to be promoted higher in a company as well as learn new skills along the way. Graduates might accept a job with you if the salary is lower than another if they think they’ll be able to develop new skills they can use in the future. Contrary to popular belief loyalty is actually important to grads, they want to stay within a company but if they can’t find opportunities in your business they will look to move.

2. Feeling human

Graduates want to be treated like the human they are, not a small fish in a big pond. Bosses should bear this in mind; you should always provide feedback on tasks, be approachable and collaborative in your approach, respecting their voice and opinions. Young employees are still growing metaphorically and physically, be aware of this, their skills are evolving. However they have energy and ideas like no other and want their voices to be heard, it is important that an employer respects this. They’re hungry to learn and like sponges taking on new skills.

3. Work / Life Balance

A job isn’t just a job to young people. When you take on a new career the team you work with become the people you might spend more time with than your friends and family, so it is important you get on well. Having a culture within a company that promotes social occasions with employees on a more personal level is attractive to grads. 

Flexibility is pretty crucial to younger generations when it comes to work. They want to control their hours as well as where they’re working, whether that be from the office, home or remotely. However saying this they work hard and want to get work done to a set schedule that is clear and concisely set by their manager and team.

4. Company values

What a brand stands for and its moral tone of voice is really important to Millennials and Gen Z when it comes to many aspects of their life not only what company they choose to work for. Millennials have been given the nickname the ‘Giving Generation’, they’re interested in sustainability as well as charity and human rights, your business must align with their values in order for them to give their all. If a grad is invested in what the company does and stands for they are more likely to be engaged and perform well in their role.

5. Money

Naturally money must come into account when it comes to choosing one job over another. Graduates have high student debt before even starting their careers and money will have been something on their mind during their studies.

They also have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips and will have researched what their competitors are earning as well as what companies like yourself are offering for similar positions. It is important to be in line with what your competitors are doing here, you don’t want to offer too low to ensure you make the best use of a graduate's qualifications or too high so to employ someone with too much experience and expectations. 

Young people are naturally thinking about their future, it may not seem it but in their minds they are planning. They are thinking about trying to get on the property ladder and about family, a good salary will make every difference to this, the one they choose to earn will allow their hopes and dreams to happen.

How Gradfuel can help

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