The secrets to hiring the best Graduates

May 29th 2020

The secrets to hiring the best graduates

There are an amazing amount of talented graduates that could help your business succeed but how do you find the right talent for your role?

Where do you start? There’s over 800,000 students that graduate each year, most of which will be looking for a new role. 

That’s a fair amount to sift through and find the right one.

1. Make sure your brand is attractive to younger generations/graduates

Why is your company good to work for and how does the brand stand-out?

Younger generations are attracted to working for large brand names, however with some good Marketing, PR and presence in the right channels graduates would be likely to change their mind on who they are drawn to.

A graduate might want to know why your company would like a Graduate rather than someone more experienced, what can they offer that someone else can’t?

Here’s a few ideas: fresh thinking, enthusiastic & someone with an active part of a growing world that is cemented in technology.

2. Are your brand’s values and job perks what a Graduate considers important? 

Career progression is very important to Grads, as well as their health, wellness & even their colleagues.

Millennials are more attracted to a company if they have strong brand values and culture, and a good work life balance available. 

A salary and employee package must be competitive, it’s important to get this right. The offering will limit the amount of applicants you have and the level of those that do apply. 

Find out what your competitors would be offering and look to do something similar. Remember money is important but not the only thing grads are looking for.

3. Explain the role properly - graduates don’t tend to fully understand role titles.

What does the role consist of on a daily basis? Don’t lie! There’s no point, it’ll end up in them potentially turning down your offer and wasting your time in the process.

Be honest, it will attract the right people to your company, that are enthusiastic about the work. Enthusiastic employees are what your company needs.

4. Don’t forget about social media

Social media sites could be effective for recruitment too, we’re no strangers to knowing young people spend time on these channels, use them to your advantage.

Millennials are lovers of imagery but also have a plethora of information at their fingertips, ensure you cut through the noise and get your job across effectively to hold their attention.

Fast response rates online are integral to a company's reputation and problem solution so always be sure to be checking platforms. 

5. Don’t always go for the best on paper

The ‘ideal’ candidate may have straight A’s and gone to Cambridge, but someone who has taken a gap year or worked abroad for a while might bring a whole new set of people skills and life experiences needed for the role you are advertising.

6. Know the best Personality type for your role

A graduate may have the qualifications to apply for your role but would they be a natural at it? 

As McKinsey found, those that are passionate about their career, are 5x more likely to be successful in it.

Here at Gradfuel we can give advice on the best personality types for job positions and sectors.

For example, we know The Commander (ENTJ) personality type would be perfect for a role in Business Develop and Entrepreneurship because they are divisive leaders, highly motivated and enjoy a fast paced environment. Commanders thrive off achievement and taking a business to new heights, they are Extrovert, INtuitive thinkers making them out-going and good with people.

7. Use the right platforms to find the best possible Grads for your role

Knowing how to find the right Graduates for you is key. There are many factors that matter when choosing a future employee for a role, their University, course of study, work experience as well as personality traits.

Graduate talent and amount of students has increased during recent years so it may seem a daunting prospect to try and find the best amongst a huge pool, therefore all knowledge is power.

8. We can supply a direct path to the perfect graduates

We've just launched GradFuel v.2. following last years success, with some of the top graduate hirers in the UK, we went out and improved our product. We've added in new features such as Myers Briggs testing and bespoke pre-vetting features to suit your recruitment process.

We help match you with the best graduates for your job, using everything from their degree, experience & personality type. This ensures highly-qualified applicants, saving 574% on avg cost per-hire compared to traditional methods, such as job boards or careers fairs.

We're experts in marketing to students, we have leveraged this expertise to focus on ensuring those that are hiring graduates have more precise advertisements sent out to a pool of 100,000+ potential candidates, using over 80+ data points on candidates in the process. This results in saving weeks of stress in the process of finding the right graduate for the job.

To book in a time to demo how we can match you with the best graduates, feel free to book in a time here

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