University Alumni Builds AI Job Assistant For Grads

Feb 26th 2021

Let tech help you find your dream grad role 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably pretty tired of trying to navigate the graduate jobs market. We get it, whether you’re a grad on the hunt for fresh opportunities, or a final year student just scoping out the market, there’s a lot of noise out there. That’s why we founded Gradfuel, the personalised job assistant, built to match your personality type with a fulfilling career that will let you use the skills you picked up at University, both in and out of the lecture hall.

When we were first looking for jobs in 2015, we met the same wall of sound that you’ve probably found. Hundreds of graduate sites, job boards and careers advice pages, not to mention your own University’s careers advice centre, all vying for your attention with different offers and information. Most of which assume you’re sure of what you want to do in the first place. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the amount of content and supposedly helpful guidance out there is overwhelming. 

What really frustrated us was the fact a lot of these places that were meant to be helpful, just seemed to repeat each other. Lots of advice telling us to ‘tailor your CV to meet the job’ and not a lot of time spent explaining how you actually do that. Frustrated and sure there must be a better way, we took our experiences and founded Gradfuel.

How many times have English grads been told they should go into teaching? Or that a more vocational graduate, like a Law grad, should pursue a job as a Paralegal or a Solicitor? At Gradfuel, we understand that your passions, just as much as your academic interests, should define the type of job you go after. 

As you’ve seen from the hundreds of thousands of jobs advertised to graduates and students like yourself, there’s no shortage of sectors or potential roles for you to fill. But the idea of spending hours tailoring your CV, writing a cover letter and filling out the inevitable application form, all to be turned down with no feedback just seems like the wrong way to go about things. 

With Gradfuel, we only take your details once. We ask you to have a quick chat with our friendly AI assistant, where you tell us about your goals and aspirations for both yourself and any potential employer. If you’re not sure what sort of role would suit you best, we have a patented personality test to help you understand what drives you, and what roles might suit you. Once we’ve got your details, the rest is up to us. We work with our partners and match you with personalised jobs that are fresh to the market, straight into your inbox.

We work with some of the UK’s leading employers, including EY and Capgemini, who trust us to only bring them the best new recruits. We have an x% rate of employment, with glowing feedback from both sides of the interview table (some stats here would be great). We’ll help you find a career that interests you, in a company that both fits with your morals and will value you as an individual.

Here at Gradfuel, we want to change the graduate recruitment process for the better. We want to do away with the scattergun approach of job boards, generic adverts and soul-sapping applications. We believe that a streamlined service for graduates and recruiters alike, coupled with a personalised service, might just be the change this industry desperately needs, wouldn’t you agree? 

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